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A Word From Our Collaborative on Early Childhood Development

Over the last decade, we have learned so much about children and their development. Scientists have proven that a child's early experiences can impact brain growth and development. We know that there is a direct link between strong, secure attachments to parents and nurturing caregivers and a child's ability to cope with the social, emotional, and intellectual demands of adulthood.


Nearly one out of every three children enters kindergarten already a year and a half behind his or her peers. Even with special help and support to close the gap, these children may still end up repeating kindergarten or other grades. Some children may never catch up in their development.


While high-quality early childhood programs help prepare children, many families do not have access to these programs or simply cannot afford them. The parent or caregiver must protect and nurture the child during this most crucial time of life. This website about children and development is designed to help those parents and caregivers. 


Understanding the need for communities to support families and embrace children, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton, Ohio asked Stark County early childhood experts and community and foundation leaders to help Stark County parents and caregivers understand the importance of high-quality early childhood education and care. From this effort, the Stark County Early Childhood Communications Collaborative was formed and the Early Experiences Last a Lifetime campaign began.

Children Development : Early Childhood

Our Mission: Children & Development

We envision a future where all children (from birth to age five) receive high-quality early education and care from their families and their communities, supported by resources sufficient to help them achieve positive long-term outcomes in school and in life.


When parents love and care for their children, their development is positively affected. Parenting is a huge and important job!

Having a child changes a parent’s life forever. Once someone becomes a parent, nothing will ever be the same. And while it’s an amazing experience to watch and guide a child's development, learning, and growth, it can also be overwhelming and stressful.


Children don’t come with instruction manuals. Years ago, several generations of family members typically lived in the same home, so experienced moms and even great grandparents could guide new mothers and show them how to help their babies thrive.


Today, things are different—in Stark County, in Ohio, and in America.  A new parent may not have much of a support network living nearby. Sometimes, answers about children and their development can be hard to find. We’re here to help. Whether you need to know about Stark County area child care providers or you wonder whether your child’s development is on track, we provide information on early childhood education and care in Stark County.


Parents, Children, & Development:

● Parents should provide good nutrition and health care, so their children grow and develop properly.

Parents should be responsive to their children, so their children feel secure while developing confidence and independence.

Parents should encourage their children to play with other children and form positive relationships with other adults, so their children learn how to get along with others.

Parents should inspire their children to explore the world around them, so their children learn and discover while in safe places.

Parents should sing, read, and talk often with their children, so their children learn how to communicate.


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