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A Word From Our Collaborative

During the last decade, we have learned much about early childhood development. Scientists have proven that a child's early experiences can impact brain growth and development. We now know that there is a direct link between strong, secure attachments to parents and nurturing caregivers and a child's ability to cope with the social, emotional, and intellectual demands of adulthood.

Nearly one out of every three children enters kindergarten already a year and a half behind their peers. Even with special help and support to close the gap, they may still end up repeating kindergarten or other grades. Some may never catch up. While high-quality early childhood programs help prepare children, many do not have access to these programs or cannot afford them. Indeed, it is the parent or caregiver who must protect and nurture a child during this most crucial time of life, and it is for parents that this website is designed.

Understanding the need for communities to support families and embrace children, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton asked early childhood experts and community and foundation leaders to inform everyone about the importance of the early years. From this, the Stark County Early Childhood Communications Collaborative was formed and the Early Experiences Last a Lifetime campaign began.