Sixty-Second Seminars

Teaching your child language and being a positive role model might sound hard... but it's not. Just listen to these Sixty-Second Seminars and see for yourself just how simple it is. It's so easy you might even say it's... child's play!

Talking to Your Baby

There's baby talk - and then there's talking to baby. Learn the difference between the two, along with some tips that will help you teach your child their language.

Your Child, the Copy Cat

When your child copies your behavior, it is more than monkey-see, monkey-do. It's a sign that they are learning from you. Learn how to make the most of it and use it as a teaching tool.

How and When to Talk to Your Child

Even if they don't understand the words, your child learns language skills when you talk to him or her. Here are some tips for helping your child learn new words and meanings.

Story Time

Reading a story does more than entertain your child. It helps them learn new words and language skills. Here are some hints for making story time a special time with your child.