"Sensitive interactions with adults do more to promote brain development than any toy, CD, or DVD that purports to promote brain development."

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Do you know someone with a new baby - or are you expecting one yourself?

Download this Oh Baby kit from the Ohio Department of Health and Help Me Grow. The kit is packed full of advice, resources, and information on your baby's development, all designed to help baby and family get off to a good start.

Click here or on the image below to download the Oh Baby kit.

New Families Packet

You are your child's first - and best - teacher

From the day you bring your new baby home, you - and your family and friends - are her most important teachers. The love, the home life and every step you take to provide opportunities in her early childhood years will have a lasting effect on her success in school - and in life!

Every child develops at her own pace. Some children may reach different stages of development and milestones a little sooner or a little later than others. Be the loving teacher your child needs NOW, so they can grow to be safe, healthy and successful throughout their life.

Content provided courtesy of Success By 6 ™ of United Way of Greater Cincinnati