Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020

Los Angeles, CA

Submit Your Story

You are welcome to submit your early experience story as a guest post. Early experience stories follow a specific outline, as follows:

(Cut and paste the text of this page into your word processor to use as an outline or prompts for your guest article).

Tell us your name, age and present life circumstances using no more than 100 words.

State the belief about yourself or the world that remains with you to this day.

Describe the specific childhood experience (or earlier experience) that created the limiting belief. Important: You may not use graphic language in cases of abuse. You may mention the abuse and the type of thereof, without going into detail about the specific chain of events. This is to avoid triggering visitors who may have suffered similar trauma.

List (bullet-point format) the consequences the limiting belief has brought about in your life, over time and at present.

Without denying any facts, challenge the limiting belief, describing why it no longer needs to be true in your present, adult life.

Describe any new actions you commit to taking now that you have been through this process.

Submit your completed guest post to